Our Dental Cleaning In Wantagh Uses Deep Teeth Cleaning To Properly Reach Into The Gums Of Teeth & Remove Bacteria.

Dental Cleaning in Wantagh For Maximum Dental Hygiene

dental_HygieneOur teeth are one of our most valuable assets. In addition to standard cleanings, healthy habits to maintain oral hygiene should hold precedence in our daily routines. Too often however, our busy schedules distract us from the vigorous hygiene needed to maintain top oral health.  Dental Hygiene is the key to maintaining an aesthetically appealing smile, as well as healthy teeth and gums. Poor dental hygiene can lead to:

  • bad breathe
  • cavities
  • stained teeth
  • infected gums
  • gum disease
  • tooth loss

At Nosov Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer dental cleanings in Wantagh to keep your smile healthy and happy. We provide an array of dental hygiene, including oral cancer screenings, deep teeth cleaning, and laser cavity detection.

What can a dental cleaning in Wantagh do for me?

Even though you may brush and floss your teeth daily, any missed plaque can eventually harden to tarter, leading to cavities and eventual decay if left untreated. At Nosov Cosmetic Dentistry, we provide dental cleaning to remove plaque in hard to reach or hidden crevices to prevent cavities and gingivitis. Bi-yearly cleanings will keep teeth clean and healthy.

In addition to healthy teeth, clean gums are an important aspect of oral health. Your cleaning will include a thorough check of your teeth and gums to make sure there are no signs of periodontal disease.

Benefits of routine dental cleanings
Prevent gum disease
Cure bacteria build-up that causes bad breath
Prevent cavities
Save you money in the long run by preventing costlier dental procedures
Maintain overall health

At Nosov Cosmetic Dentistry, our doctors can accompany your dental cleaning with Zoom!® Teeth Whitening for a fully finished shine. We may also recommend any changes in your daily routine that we see fit, including proper brushing and flossing techniques, and alternatives to enamel destroying foods.

When should I consider deep teeth cleaning?   

dental_HygieneWhen dental hygiene is not correctly performed, tarter can become lodged beneath the gums, leading to irritation and bleeding, known as gingivitis. Gingivitis left untreated leads to deep periodontal pockets of bacteria within the gum, which may progress into gum disease, known to have effects on our overall health. In fact, studies show that oral bacteria can enter the blood stream and cause and heart disease, stroke, and pneumonia. A deep teeth cleaning allows us to reach deep into the pockets of the gum to remove bacteria and any of the infected tooth structure.



How do I learn more about dental cleaning in Wantagh?

Julia Nosov D.D.S., Michael Nosov, D.D.S., and the Nosov Cosmetic Dentistry staff welcome any questions you may have about your dental cleaning in Wantagh. Contact our office at 516.826.3300, or request an appointment online for your dental hygiene consultation.

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