Experience Customized Teeth Straightening Without The Need For Metal Wires with Orthotain in Long Island.

Orthotain Long Island, Customized Clear Teeth Straightening

orthoTAINStraightening teeth has become easier than ever thanks to advances in orthodontic technology. These advances have eliminated the need for cosmetic wires, putting an end to “tin grin.” Developed for patients who may not qualify for other invisible aligners due to superficial issues, Ortho-tain™, provides an individualized treatment plan for each individual. Providing dramatic improvement to your smile, the Ortho-Tain system is the convenient answer to aligning your teeth.  

What is Ortho-tain™?

Ortho-tain™ is the latest innovation in clear teeth straightening. Ortho-tain™ is less expensive than Invisalign® and doesn’t require wires and bands like traditional braces. The Ortho-tain™ system has many advantages:

  • Removable, so there are no diet restrictions
  • Provides life-long results
  • No dental preparation needed
  • Fewer Dental visits
  • Less expensive than other well-known brands
  • Achievable results with minimal wear
  • Gentle and comfortable

Along with an overhaul of benefits, the Ortho-Tain™ system comes customizable to children, teens, and adults. This allows a treatment plan tailored specifically for each stage of jaw growth, and unlike other orthodontic treatments, Ortho-Tain™ requires minimum wear with maximal results.

Ortho-Tain™ Stages
Nite-Guide® Occlus-o-Guide® Ortho-T®
Ages 5-7 Ages 8-12 Adult
Results in a few months Results in 4-10 months Results in 1-12 months
Worn while sleeping Worn 2-4 hours during the day & while sleeping Worn 2 hours per day
Resistant to relapse  & conveniently worn at night Can be combined with other Ortho-Tain™ treatments Come in 13 different sizes to perfectly fit your teeth

How do I learn more about Orthotain in Long Island?

Julia Nosov D.D.S., Michael Nosov, D.D.S., and the Nosov Cosmetic Dentistry staff welcome any questions you may have about Ortho-Tain™ in Long Island. Contact our office at 516.826.3300, or request an appointment online today.

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