At Nosov Cosmetic Dentistry, We Offer Porcelain Crowns in Long Island to Help Rejuvenate Your Smile When Teeth Begin To Wear.

Porcelain Crowns in Long Island

CROWNSFrom brushing and flossing to routine dental check-ups, you do a lot to make sure your pearly whites stay strong and healthy. As we age however, regular cleaning may no longer be sufficient. Our teeth wear down over time, and past cosmetic work can easily become prone to decay and breakage. Luckily, restorations such as porcelain crowns offer a corrective option when your smile begins to wear. Porcelain crowns can also restore teeth that have worn due to injury, trauma, or simple break down of past dentistry.  At Nosov Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer porcelain crowns in Long Island to help rejuvenate your smile when the unexpected happens.  

What are porcelain crowns?

As teeth age, patients may experience tooth decay, cracked fillings, stained or chipped teeth, or grinding damage. Porcelain crowns essentially provide a mask for your cosmetic imperfections and offer strength to a weakened tooth structure. Porcelain crowns look natural and restore your tooth to its natural shape and size.  In addition, porcelain crowns will return your tooth to full function and improve cosmetic appearance.

What can I expect when receiving my porcelain crown?

Receiving your porcelain crowns will require two appointments. During your first appointment, Dr. Nosov will remove any old filling and clean out all decay of the affected tooth. A custom shape and color is matched to the tooth impression and custom fit in our lab, where your new porcelain crown is constructed. During this time, you we will provide you with a temporary crown.  Once your porcelain crown arrives, you will come in for your second appointment. Dr. Nosov will cement it to the decayed or broken tooth, covering all visible damage, and restoring tooth functionality. In addition to full porcelain crowns, Dr. Nosov also offers porcelain fused to metal or gold crowns and full gold crowns.

What are the advantages of porcelain crowns?

Porcelain crowns are one of the most durable options available of all dental crowns. This restoration will give you a complete youthful looking smile. No one will know that you’ve gotten porcelain crowns but you, as they are closely relatable to your natural teeth. Learn more about the advantages of porcelain crowns:

Advantages of porcelain crowns
Capture and reflect light, mimicking real teeth
Extremely durable
Cosmetically pleasing
Provide support to weakened teeth due to decay or cracking
Provide structural support to a dental bridge

At Nosov Cosmetic Dentistry, we will discuss what you would like your smile to look like, and help you determine if porcelain crowns are right for you. In addition, we will make sure you are a good candidate for porcelain crowns. 

How do I learn more about porcelain crowns?

Julia Nosov, D.D.S., Michael Nosov, D.D.S., and the Nosov Cosmetic Dentistry staff welcome any questions you may have about your porcelain crowns in Long Island. Contact our Long Island office at 516.826.3300, or request an appointment online for your consultation.

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